What We Can Do for You

CNC Folding

We are experienced with sheet metal folding and can produce superior results for you.

Some of the features of our folding machine solutions include an up to 110 tonne bending force and 3200mm bending length.

We can fold Mild Steel up to a 20mm thickness.

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Laser Cutting

Our powerful 4Kw and 1.5kW fibre lasers can help you reach your project goals. Our capabilities include cutting Mild Steel up to 20mm.

As a local Australian service provider, RideFox Laser understands the local market and can help you achieve the custom outcomes you have in mind.

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MIG and TIG Welding

Using both TIG and MIG welders, RideFox has the experience, tools and skills for all of your welding needs!

We are able to treat Mild Steel materials.

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Prototyping from your Designs

Got a particular design in mind? Great, we can help. Our stringent processes and attention to detail mean that we can provide efficient and quick turnaround times for your prototyping needs.

To keep costs down for you and for us, we ask that you provide drawings in a form ready for us to use in Solid Works. Solid Works allows for saving 3D model information in *.step format, from which the model can be displayed and modified across other platforms.

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